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Myth Busted: It’s Not Just Talking

“People tell me I have a nice voice.”

“What’s the big deal? It’s just talking!”

“If I can read, I can be a voice actor.”

The list goes on and on and on and on…

People assume voice over work is easy… until they actually do it. Oh, and try to earn a living at it!

You Make Voice Over Look So Easy

A couple days ago I had a client in an emergency situation. They needed a voice over fast, but they needed a female voice. Unfortunately, my female voice work is less than stellar! I told my client if they were really in a jam, I could have my wife do it, and offered to send in a clip of her recording part of their script.

They agreed. They were happy. My wife booked her first legit voice over.

It was a short video. An educational piece. She happens to be a teacher.

“Just pretend like you’re talking to one of your classes. Relax and have a conversation with your students,” I explained.

My wife has great respect for what I do. Always has. After her first recording session, though, she now respects what I do even more!

“You make it look so easy,” she proclaimed!

“There’s a reason they call it Voice Acting… it’s not just talking! #voiceover”
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Myth Busted: It’s Not Just Talking

I wasn’t trying to be a too picky, but she was recording for one of my clients. I wanted it to be good and I, admittedly, had her record it more than a few times until I felt like she was settled in and speaking more naturally.

After her session, she was a bit stressed, slightly exhausted and equal parts humbled and impressed.

She got a first hand taste of what goes on in the studio, and she never realized that it’s so much more than just talking.

Now she gets it, and – should she decide to ever try and record again one day – she’ll be better in the studio for it.

I’m glad your friends, mother’s, brother’s, second cousin twice removed who you met at the church down the street told you have have a great voice.

Just remember, there’s so much more to it than that!

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