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New Clients vs Old Clients; Are You Treating Them Right?

In Canada there are really only a couple of legit cellular providers. This creates a really unfortunate scenario for consumers. Where a lack of options exist, so does a lack of competition. With two providers holding a near monopoly, finding a great deal on a mobile plan and phone is highly unlikely.

Now that I’m getting married, this past weekend, I decided to try and get my fiancée and I together on a mobile plan. Currently, she’s with one of the major players in Canada and I’m with the other.

Since her contract recently expired, I figured we’d check with her provider first, to find out what options were available.

After chatting with the fellow behind the counter for a few minutes, I was absolutely floored by the deals he had to offer.

Attracting New At The Expense Of Old

If I decided to come to her provider, I could get a brand new phone and a somewhat decent package for LESS than what they were offering her to stay.

You read that correctly.

She’s been a loyal customer of this company for years and apparently, that doesn’t mean much of anything to them. The contact they offered her was $15/month MORE than she currently pays and she’d have to buy a new phone. But for me to come over, I was offered a plan for less money per month and it came with a free phone!


We had the exact same conversation with my mobile provider, and guess what… the EXACT same result.

They offered my fiancée a far better deal as a new customer than they offered me as an existing customer.

An existing customer who has been with them for a decade!

New Clients vs Old Clients; Are You Treating Them Right?

When I’m coaching voice actors on marketing, one of the first places I start with is their existing clients. I ask them all the same couple questions.

How many clients do you have that you haven’t reached out to in six months?

How many clients do you have that you haven’t reached out to in a year or more?

Almost every time, they’re embarrassed to realize how many clients they have – people who have previously paid them for voice over work – that they haven’t spoken with in far too long!

On the flip side, I also ask them about their efforts in finding new leads and new clients. More often than not, they can always tell me about the efforts they’ve put into trying to generate new work; whether it be via direct marketing, agents or casting sites.

Why do we so often forget about our voice over clients?

Don’t let the pursuit of new #voiceover clients come at the expense of loyal ones!
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You Better Be Valuing Them All

Obviously we want to always be on the lookout for new leads. Potential new work.

I’m the guy that encourages voice actors to find 20 new leads a day! But while you’re doing that, it’s so important not to forget about the relationships you’ve already got established. The clients who have already been loyal to you.

Don’t focus exclusively on the new at the expense of the old.

I was embarrassed and, if I’m being honest, a little offended, that my current provider would offer my fiancée a far better deal than they’d offer me as a loyal customer. It’s that sort of customer service (or lack thereof) that would make me want to take my business elsewhere.

Make sure you’re not making the same mistake in your voice over business.

Do you have some old clients you need to reach out to and take care of today?