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Not Satisfied With Your Voice Over Career? Try This…

discouraged workerYou don’t book enough work.

You don’t make enough money.

You don’t have any big clients.

You don’t get any high paying gigs.

You don’t have enough auditions.

There are all kinds of things you aren’t happy about in your voice over career. All kinds of things you’d like to see changed.

Let me ask you something. What are you doing to about it?

The Problem

watching tvIn my experience, most of the people unhappy with their voice over career all have the same problem. They’re not doing anything to fix their problems!

Can you think of anybody who has achieved success by watching 5 hours of TV a night?

Can you name me one person who achieved success by complaining on social media about their lack of success?

Can you picture one person who has achieved success by blaming other people for their lack of success?

This is the sort of stuff I see happening daily. People who aren’t happy with their voice over career who aren’t really taking any practical steps to make it better. It doesn’t just apply to voice over either. This counts regardless of your chosen career path.

The Solution

Jack Warner The Harder I Work The More Successful I BecomeI read about 3 or 4 hours a night. Books on business. On prosperity. On voice over. On marketing. I turn off the TV and fill my head with useful information that will change my life and help me achieve success.

I deleted most of the games off my iPad. I deleted every game I used to play on Facebook. Talk about a black hole sucking up countless hours of productivity!

I sit in front of a microphone all day long. I submit anywhere from 10-20 auditions a day. I submit for everything I believe I have a reasonable chance at booking.

I spend hours each week prospecting for new clients.

Each week I email a few clients I haven’t worked with in a while just to get my name back to the top of their mind.

I dedicate a portion of each day to reading voice over related articles, blog posts and forums. I learn (for free) from my peers.

This is just a glimpse into what I’m doing each week to work harder and make things happen.

QUESTION: What are you doing to make sure you succeed?