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On Hold Messages

You’re driving down the highway on your way to the office or the mall or to go bowling. Wherever it is you go when you drive. On the side of the road, out there in that farmer’s field there’s a cow. There’s also a billboard. A big empty billboard.

“YOUR AD HERE,” it shouts to you in large bold print.

“Be exposed to thousands of commuters each day,” it promises.

There are plenty of different ways to advertise your company. Hundreds and thousands of outlets to promote your message and your brand.

There’s also your phone system.

How many customers call your company each day? How many people call during peak hours? How many call after hours? How many get put on hold while you transfer their call to the appropriate party?

You could be speaking to each and every one of those people through your phone system. From your voicemail greeting to your on-hold messages. It can go way beyond just giving your company name. You can promote your hours, your web site, your specials, really… anything you want.

You just need a voice.

I’d be happy to talk to you about recording your company phone system and getting your message to all of those ears for a lot less than that billboard in the farmer’s field. Email me at and we’ll talk about your options.