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Pay To Practice?

Help me understand this…

You’ve signed up for one of the casting sites.

You’ve handed them your credit card number to cover that $400 fee.

You’re just starting out in the business, and figure this is a great place to get exposure.

And practice.

Wait… practice? Did you say you’re going to use the casting site for practice?

Pay To Practice?

When a new voice talent asks me for advice on how to improve their skills, I’ll often refer them to one of several coaches I know and trust.

Often, as soon as I suggest they pay to learn, they lose interest and say they can’t afford it.

However, they’ve got their $400 casting site membership, and they’re going to audition for every job possible so they can practice.

In other words, they’re paying to practice.

Practice Before You Pay

If your Pay To Play strategy is to use auditions to practice… that is to say, you’re going to “practice” on actual voice over auditions, where clients are looking to hire actual talent and pay them actual money… well… you’re doing it wrong.

Before you ever invest a single dime in a casting site, if that’s how you plan to get started, make sure you’re 100% ready to start booking work.

Practicing on actual jobs is a pretty good way of making sure you’ll never book any.

Would you rather…

Spend a few hundred bucks on a few coaching sessions to practice before you play?


Lose thousands in potential work because you wanted to play first?

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