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Prayer For Texas

I’ve been a volunteer firefighter for 13 years. My dad was a volunteer firefighter for 33 years. I’ve never known a life outside of the fire department. I know what it’s like to leave your family, miss holidays, and drop everything to answer the call. It’s my honour and privilege to serve.

As I watched the events unfolding in Texas last night, my heart was breaking. I’ve been in a few scary situations in my years of service, but I’ve never experienced anything close to the devastation my brothers in West, Texas responded to last night. I hope I never have to see or do anything like that. But if the call does come in, I’ll be ready.

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This special fireman’s prayers is one that I’ve kept close to me my entire career. I’d appreciate if you’d take a moment to share this post in your social network and say a prayer for the firefighters and other first responders who answered the call.

Fireman's Prayer