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Preparing For Christmas Vacation

december 25If I was a company man I’d be looking at the calendar and seeing a couple of really short work weeks in my future.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on a Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

New Years Day falls on a Tuesday.

I’m not a company man, though. I’m an entrepreneur. There’s really no such thing as a stat holiday when you’re working for yourself. Then again, this is Christmas, and there’s always time for time off at Christmas!

Christmas Vacation Notice

If you’re planning extended vacation during the holidays, now is the time to let your clients know. It gives them a week to prepare, in the event anything is coming down the pipe for them. It also lets them know when you’ll be out of the studio and when you’ll return. That’s always a good thing to communicate to your regulars.

Getting yourself organized now, and keeping your clients in the loop is the best way to make sure you don’t miss any work this holiday season.

QUESTION: Are you planning on taking extra time off for the holidays? Or is it business as usual?