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So You Want To Be A Voice Talent: 20 Questions To Ask Yourself

20 Questions to ask yourself before you try to become a Voice TalentI love being a full time voice talent. It’s a privilege to serve my clients and it’s a joy to be my own boss. It’s also not as easy as many people think it is.

People tell you that you’ve got a good voice. How hard can it be to start a career in voice over? It’s just talking. You talk everyday. Right?

I would never want to discourage anyone who has a dream of being a full time voice actor. However, I also would never let someone go into it completely blind. You see, contrary to popular belief, it is a little more involved than just talking and collecting big paydays.

With that in mind, I offer you 20 questions you should ask yourself before you take the plunge.

20 Questions

Are you prepared to invest in professional equipment?

Have you invested in, and learned how to use, professional digital recording software?

Do you have software and plans in place for keeping track of your invoices and book work?

What’s your marketing plan?

Have you written out a customer service commitment?

What will you tell your clients when they need an emergency voice over in the evening or during a weekend?

Do you understand how to take direction?

What’s your personal / professional development strategy?

How well do you deal with rejection?

Have you filled out the right tax forms for booking work with international clients?

Do you have a social media strategy?

Have you built a professional web site?

Do you have a different demo for each genre of voice work you intend to do?

Have you created a rate card?

Do you know the difference between a client and customer?

Can you interpret a script?

Have you created a consistent brand image?

Will you be a union or non-union voice talent?

Have you considered the challenges of working with clients in different time zones?

What’s your back-up plan when you realize this isn’t the way to make a quick buck after all?

Still Want To Do Voice Over Full Time?

This list is by no means comprehensive. In fact, it’s just a few of the things you need to consider. But it might be eye opening for you when you realize it’s not a game. Being a voice talent is actually a business. You are the CEO, the CFO, the President and every other title that exists in business.

Do your research. Fully understand what you’re getting into. If you don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the life of a full time voice talent might not be the life for you.

QUESTION: Are you a full-time Voice Talent already? Have you got any questions you’d like to add to the list?