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Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Talents

don't compare yourself to other peopleHave you made this statement before…

“One day, I want to have a career that looks just like [insert famous voice actor here]”

I think we’ve all probably said something like that at some point or another. We probably meant it innocently enough. After all, we all want success, don’t we?

So it seems like it would be natural to look at the success of someone else, particularly someone in our field of work, and wish to be just like them.

Here’s the thing. Doing this practice, particularly doing it often, can actually be self destructive.

You’re The Only You

You are you. You are the only you there is. There will never be another.

Nobody has your unique voice.

Nobody has your unique skills.

Nobody has your unique abilities.

There’s only one person that can write your life story. That person is you!

be yourselfStop Comparing Yourself

As soon as you start comparing yourself to someone else you start to lose your uniqueness.

You don’t want your voice. You wish you had theirs.

You’re not happy with your clients. You wish you had theirs.

You haven’t achieved the success you desire. You wish you had theirs.

You don’t have good enough equipment. You wish you had theirs.

Am I wrong? Or have you fallen into this trap before?

Write Your Own Story

When you start comparing yourself to someone else you risk losing confidence in yourself. You get detoured from writing your own unique story.

You feel like a failure because you aren’t where “they” are. All of your accomplishments aren’t good enough because they don’t compare to that other talents. All the hard work you’re putting in suddenly feels like a waste of time to you because your life doesn’t match up to theirs.

Stop doing it.

Set Your Own Goals

If you’ve got things you want to accomplish in your career, set your own goals.

Blaze your own trail.

Write your own story!

Be the only you there is! Don’t try to be someone else.

QUESTION: Have you fallen into the compare game? Did it help you or hurt you?