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5 Ways to Stay Top of Mind Without Being Annoying


You’ll hear me use this term a lot when I speak about marketing. It’s a term you need to be familiar with. For the record, it has nothing to do with getting physical. Definitely NOT that kind of touch!

Touches is the term I use for connecting with your voice over leads, prospects and clients to keep yourself top of mind.

When it’s time for them to book their next voice over recording, you want to be the first name they think of.

Inevitably you’re now proclaiming, “but Marc, how do I do this without being annoying?”

I’m glad you asked.

Stop Thinking You’re Annoying

The first thing we need to address is this HUGE elephant in the room. The notion that by reaching out to people you’re annoying them. Going into any marketing effort with that mindset is NEVER going to pay off for you. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that mindset has probably kept you from doing a lot of marketing.

Am I right?

I figured as much!

Here’s the fact you need to accept before we go any further. You offer a valuable service to people. Your professional narration is going to enhance their video. Tell their story. Effectively deliver their message. Give life to their commercial. Engage their audience.

You’re not reaching out to annoy people. You’re reaching out to add value to their work!

Repeat that last statement for me.

“I’m not reaching out to annoy people. I’m reaching out to add value to their work!”

This is fact, and I’m glad we cleared that little misconception up. Now we can move on.

5 Ways to Stay Top of Mind Without Being Annoying

The key to making effective touches is to remember it’s not about constantly selling or pitching. You’ve already made contact. They already know who you are and that you’re a professional voice actor. Now your objective is to simply remind them, from time-to-time, that you’re here and available if they need you.

Vacation Notice: ‘Tis the season for summer vacation and this brings about an amazing opportunity to bring yourself top of mind. Let your existing clients know the dates you’ll be out of the office and that you’re making yourself available to accommodate any of their voice over needs before you go. Planning on traveling with gear? Let them know that too.

This isn’t annoying because it’s offering value. It’s giving them a heads up so they can get their projects done before you go, rather than leaving them stuck waiting for your return. Or, worse yet, having to book another VO. Once you lose a client for that reason, it might be hard to get them back.

Your Project: A few weeks after you deliver a voice over recording to your client, look for the project online. Granted, not every project is going to make it to the interwebs, but many do. If you can find it, you now have a reason to reach out and get top of mind. Let them know you saw the project. Tell them they did a great job on the production. Ask them if they mind if you share it on social media. Get permission to use it for demo purposes.

This isn’t annoying because you’re complimenting their work and offering to spread the word via your network. When you share the project via social media, don’t share it by saying, “look at this VO I did.” Rather, share it as a fan telling your friends about a great service or brand.

Thank You: When the cheque arrives, the PayPal notice comes in, or the invoice is otherwise cleared, say thanks. This is especially convenient if you’re on 30 day terms with clients. It’s been a month since you completed the project, and now you just got back on their mind again.

This isn’t annoying because, well, quite frankly, it’s just polite!

What’s New: Has it been a while since you last connected with a prospect or client because you just haven’t been able to find a good reason to reach out? One of my favorite emails for this exact situation is simply to send a note asking if they’re working on anything new. Remember, you’re not selling. You’re just connecting.

This isn’t annoying because you’re simply showing interest in them and their work, and let’s be honest… we all love to talk about cool projects we’re working on.

Get Social: Did they share something on Twitter? Reply. Did they post something on Facebook? Comment. Did they write an article on LinkedIn? Share it! All of these social triggers are simple, effective ways to bring yourself top of mind.

This isn’t annoying because it’s how social media works!

Want to get in touch with your #voiceover prospects and clients without being annoying? Check out these five tips!
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Just Do It!

All five of these simple tips offer you convenient ways to get back in front of your prospects and clients without selling, pitching, or otherwise annoying. These are just relationship building techniques that all add value and serve a purpose.

The most important thing you can do to grow your database and convert leads to prospects and prospects to clients is to make those touches every week.

How many? That depends on the size of your database, but I always say if you’re reaching 50 new leads each week, then you should have a large enough database to make 50 touches each week too.

Get a system in place, like a CRM, and start holding yourself accountable to making those touches and staying top of mind. The success of your business depends on it!

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Pursuing The Dream Voice Over Client

The other day I was having a conversation with a fellow voice talent. It went something like this…

“Who’s your dream client?”

They replied, “_______.”

“That’s awesome,” I replied. “What’ve you been doing lately to pursue them?”

* Blank Stare *

“Hey, Marc. Who’s your dream client?”


“That’s awesome,” they replied. “What’ve you been doing lately to pursue them?”

* Blank Stare *

Totally busted.

Pursuing The Dream Voice Over Client

Yesterday I sent a message to my Virtual Assistant. I informed her we now have a new objective. All current marketing efforts are taking a backseat for a week. It’s time to start looking for potential doors to knock on with Apple.

The conversation with the fellow voice talent was actually eye opening and, if I’m being entirely honest, a little embarrassing.

It’s pretty easy to explain away though.

Fear Factor

apple-logoWhat if I pursue leads with Apple and can’t find a door to knock on? Or, what if I knock and they slam it shut in my face?! Would I look like a failure?

Well, no more than if I never pursued them at all, I suppose!

Fear is really great at keeping us from our dreams. A convenient, and sometimes subtle excuse. We don’t always realize it’s fear standing in our way. Generally, though, it is.

Not anymore. For me anyway.

Motivation found. The pursuit is on!

PS: If you work for Apple and need a voice over, let’s talk! 😉

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A Tip For Reconnecting With Past Voice Over Clients

How do you reach out to voice over clients you haven’t worked with in a while without sounding like you’re just trying to hit them up for new work? It’s not as easy as some might think, but it also doesn’t have to be overcomplicated if you’re sincere in your desire to check in and say, “hi.”

I’ve got a few different strategies that I use, but there’s one that is, perhaps, a little more genuine and sincere than others.

A Tip For Reconnecting With Past Clients

handshakeFirst things first, get connected with your clients on social media. That’s the easiest way for this strategy to work. It’s the most logical and least time consuming way to keep up with your clients. With their successes. Their new developments. They’re company news. The latest projects they’ve produced.

Once you’re connected, keep on eye on what they’re up to. I mean this in the least stalkerish way possible. Restraining orders are not part of the game plan. Let me just go on record with that tip right now. 😉

When one of your clients posts a new project, send them a quick note about it. Tell them, “great job.” Be specific. What did you like about it? Great script? Great animation? Great production? Great voice over? Share a specific detail that demonstrates you actually took the time to watch / listen to the project.

That’s it.

No Selling

“But, Marc,” you’re proclaiming! “I didn’t tell them about my amazing voice over services!”

No. No you didn’t.

If they’re a client that means they’re already well aware of your voice over services. You don’t need to tell them about it again.

The purpose of this note is simply to tell show your support for their business. In doing so, you’ve just brought yourself top of mind. If they’ve got something they need a voice for, they’ll think of you.

You don’t need to sell them a thing.

One of the best marketing strategies you can implement in your business is simply being a fan of the businesses you work for.


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Educating Clients About Voice Over Rates

When you reach out to a potential new client about your voice over services through your marketing format of choice, one of the first conversations that will always come up revolves around the question of, “what are your rates?”

Sometimes you’ll provide a basic rate card and the client will say, “looks great.”

Sometimes they’ll say, “is there room for negotiation?”

Sometimes they’ll say, “that’s too expensive. We use Fiverr.”

Educating Clients About Voice Over Rates

conversation of two businesspeopleWhen a potential new client tells me they hire their “professional voice over talent” on Fiverr, I don’t just laugh and walk away.

When they tell me my rates are too expensive, the conversation doesn’t immediately end.

When I offer one rate and the client comes back with something a fraction of my initial quote, I don’t give up on them.

In all of these circumstances, this is where the education begins. As an entrepreneur, and a voice actor, it’s your responsibility to explain why you charge the amount you charge for the services you offer.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll change their mind. Though some do. But education is an important part of the process, in my opinion.

Points To Point Out

When I discuss my rates with clients there are a number of different points that I address:

  • This is my full-time career; not a hobby. My sole source of income.
  • I offer turnaround times most part-time VO’s can’t match.
  • I’ve invested in my equipment and studio to provide quality audio.
  • My voice overs come fully edited.
  • I bring nearly two decades of experience to the table.
  • My work history is proof of the quality of my service.

wagging-fingerIt’s important to remember when you’re explaining your services and educating on your rates that you’re not making your client (or potential client) feel like an idiot. People like cheap stuff. Do you shop at the Dollar Store? So don’t be surprised when clients are looking for the cheapest voice over they can find.

In many cases, when I offer a thorough explanation, clients see the value. Again, it doesn’t always mean they’ll agree to my rates or can afford my rates, but at least they see the value and understand. And, in many instances, we are able to come to an agreement on budget.

You’re A Salesman (or Woman)

Getting angry, ignorant or rude when clients try to undercut your rates, say you’re too expensive or tell you they book talent from low budget freelance sites doesn’t solve any problems, and in the end, it only makes you look like a jerk.

Be polite. Respectful. Patient.

Sell your business. Your service. Yourself.

Help clients understand that it’s not that you cost more… it’s that you’re WORTH more. 


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Keeping Your Emails Professional

I came across on article on Mashable last week, “7 Hilarious Email Signatures to Inspire Your Sign-Off.” I’ll be the first to admit, some of them are pretty funny. But there was one in particular that quickly lost the humour for me.

Team iPhone

iphone-typingFor all intents and purposes, I’m an Apple Fan Boy. I’ve got my iPad, my iMac, my Macbook, my Apple TV and my iPhone. I love all of my iThings and am always trying to convert others in my circle to see the iLight and switch teams.

Being Team iPhone does come with one challenge. Auto-correct. Sometimes, it really can be a serious pain in the butt. Of course, other times it can be quite hilarious! I suppose it depends on the context. Sending a text to your friend that gets auto-corrected into oblivion… hilarious. Sending an email to a client that gets auto-corrected into oblivion… embarrassing!

iPhone Email Signature

In this Mashable article, one of the signatures read this:

iPhone. iTypos. iApologize

Within an hour or two of reading that article, I actually received an email from a professional voice actor who included that message in their email signature.

While I can appreciate the humour behind it, and I can certainly understand the challenges typing on an iPhone can often present, I confess, I was a bit taken back by this individuals decision to include this signature in their email.

Keeping Your Emails Professional

If you’re sending emails from your iPhone or iPad, especially if you’re sending business emails to clients or colleagues, for the love of someone greater, please tell me that you’re taking the time to proofread them.

Further, if you’re sending emails from your iDevices, please tell me that you’re not allowing a “funny” signature to act as a disclaimer for your misspellings.

Take pride in your business, your brand and your communications. Don’t allow iTypos to make you look like an iFool!