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Try This Motivation Technique

“I don’t feel like it today.”

How many times have you uttered those words? Or, maybe you didn’t even say the words. You just kind of felt them. Thought them. No matter how they were communicated, they became the accepted reality for your day.

Another day wasted.

Another day you procrastinated on something you know you should be doing.

Another day where you let your feelings control your life. Business. Destiny.

Another opportunity squandered.

We’ve all been there at least a time or two. Some more than others, of course. Too often, we let our feelings dictate our actions and the cost is often far greater than we realize.

One quote you’ll hear me say often in presentations is, “successful people make decisions based on goals, NOT feelings.”

It’s true.

A New Approach to Motivation

This week I’ve started reading a new book. It’s titled, “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone.

I’m only about 15% of the way into it, but I’ve already been inspired, challenged, motivated and encouraged.

If you’re one of those people that find yourself giving into your excuses and feelings, this book is going to kick your butt and make you feel differently about things. I’m not even that guy. I’m generally pretty good about getting things done. But wow… Grant has definitely placed his foot firmly on my butt more than a few times within the first several chapters.

Of all the quotes I highlighted, there’s one that has spoke to me more than any other. Perhaps because in the last year, my life circumstances have changed. Last summer I got married, and with that marriage, I also took on the responsibility of two daughters. One 5 and one 10.

Here’s the quote.

“Pretend you’re being recorded as a model by which your children and grandchildren will learn how to succeed in life.” Grant Cardone
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Tell me, how do you feel about your excuses now?

After reading that, are you more or less likely to give into your feelings? Or will you be making decisions and taking massive action based on your goals.

Now that I’m a father, that spoke to me powerfully.

Teaching my kids to succeed is one of my most important goals. Modeling it for them is one of the most effective ways to get it done.

Your kids are watching… are you going to crush it today?

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How To Stay Motivated During The Summer

Summer has arrived. For many of us, there are plenty of options and distractions to keep us out of the studio. Floating in a pool with a cold drink, anyone? So how do we stay motivated to get the work done when we’d rather be at the beach?

When you stop focusing on the what, and start focusing on the way, that changes everything! Watch this weeks video tip to learn more.

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Pursuing The Dream Voice Over Client

The other day I was having a conversation with a fellow voice talent. It went something like this…

“Who’s your dream client?”

They replied, “_______.”

“That’s awesome,” I replied. “What’ve you been doing lately to pursue them?”

* Blank Stare *

“Hey, Marc. Who’s your dream client?”


“That’s awesome,” they replied. “What’ve you been doing lately to pursue them?”

* Blank Stare *

Totally busted.

Pursuing The Dream Voice Over Client

Yesterday I sent a message to my Virtual Assistant. I informed her we now have a new objective. All current marketing efforts are taking a backseat for a week. It’s time to start looking for potential doors to knock on with Apple.

The conversation with the fellow voice talent was actually eye opening and, if I’m being entirely honest, a little embarrassing.

It’s pretty easy to explain away though.

Fear Factor

apple-logoWhat if I pursue leads with Apple and can’t find a door to knock on? Or, what if I knock and they slam it shut in my face?! Would I look like a failure?

Well, no more than if I never pursued them at all, I suppose!

Fear is really great at keeping us from our dreams. A convenient, and sometimes subtle excuse. We don’t always realize it’s fear standing in our way. Generally, though, it is.

Not anymore. For me anyway.

Motivation found. The pursuit is on!

PS: If you work for Apple and need a voice over, let’s talk! 😉

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Do You Have Some Demolition To Do?

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a friend about working for someone else. That is to say; being an employee and working for a company under a boss. Some might say, “working for the man.”

In our conversation I discussed the frustration I felt working in radio for so many years and feeling like I was trapped. Every aspect of my career and even aspects of my life felt like they were controlled and/or dictated for me.

Living With Limits

For example…

  • My salary would always be limited by what management was willing to pay.
  • My hours were dictated (and often varied week to week) based on my regular shift and other shifts management wanted me to fill in for. Therefore interfering in what may otherwise be my personal time.
  • My vacation was limited to a certain number of days or weeks and often I was even limited as to when I could take them.
  • My on air content was often restricted based on what the Program Director or some consultant decided I could or couldn’t say.

In so many different ways, I was limited.

Removing The Limits

Brick_wall_wrecking_ballThis, of course, lead to me talking about how amazing it was to be doing what I’m doing now. Working for myself as a voice actor. Being an entrepreneur. Having incredible freedom and flexibility.

Every choice, every decision, every opportunity. They’re all mine to seize, should I so choose.

  • My earning potential is limitless if I’m willing to do the work.
  • My vacation time can be as much as, and whenever I want it.
  • My schedule, my time, they’re mine to plan.
  • My business is mine to build and grow as I see fit.

It’s an amazing thing, when you really think about it. Truly a blessing.

This weekend let me encourage you to spend some time thinking about the limits on your career. Your business. Your life. Think about who put those limits there. Why they’re there.

Most importantly, think about what could be done to remove them.

When you’re an entrepreneur, often, the only limits in place are the ones we put on ourselves. Those limits really should be nothing more than walls waiting to be broke through and tore down.

Have you got some demolition to do?

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One Good Thing

When you’re having a bad day, I want you to remember something.

No matter how low you go.

No matter how bad you feel.

No matter how much life seems against you.

You can always find one good thing to be thankful for.

Focus on being grateful for that one good thing and I promise you’ll start to turn things around.