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5 Tips To Improve Your Phone System

Voiceover Rates for Phone SystemsYour phone system could be your first impression. Does it make a good one?

What does your company phone system consist of? Is it just a simple voicemail greeting? Does it have a company directory? What happens when your customers are on hold? Do they hear music or messages?

5 Tips For Your Phone System

Listen: When is the last time you called your business line and listened to your phone system? How does it sound? Does everything work the way it should? Listen to it and use it as if you were a customer.

Update: How often to you change the content? Is all the information relevant? Have you had staff changes and forgot to update your staff directory? If customers are calling and always hearing the same music and message they’re more likely to tune out. Keep it fresh.

Engage: Don’t just let your customers sit on hold with music. Give them a message. Share store hours. Your web site information. Talk about deals or promotions. Give them useful and relevant information. Content that they can benefit from.

Short: Keep your messages short and too the point. Don’t just use one long message. Incorporate a few shorter ones spaced out. Consider using a teaser. Give them part of the info in your on hold message then encourage them to ask a representative for more details.

Etiquette: How your staff answers the phone initially sets the tone for the rest of the transaction. Make sure your staff are friendly. Tell them to smile when they’re on the phone. It can be heard in their voice when they do. Don’t leave customers on hold forever, check in to make sure calls have been picked up. Always respect your customers time.

Does Your System Need An Update?

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