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Stop Sending People To Your Pay 2 Play Voice Over Profiles

I’m not the first guy to say this. I definitely won’t be the last guy to say this.

Stop sending people to your Pay 2 Play profile!

Do you suppose Target will ever do any free advertising for Walmart?


When you promote your Pay 2 Play voice over profiles via social media (and anywhere else you may share the link) it’s basically the same thing as Target advertising for Walmart.

Yes, you’re sending people to check out your profile. That’s great.

You’re also directing potential clients to multi-thousands of other voice actors.

To me, it’s just not a good idea.

Stop Sending People To Your Pay 2 Play Profile

It’s 2014. It costs, what? $10 to register your own domain name? Then what? Another $5/month to host it?

WordPress is free.

SoundCloud can host your demos.

If you’re serious about voice acting, if you’re serious about building your voice over career, invest a few dollars, build even a basic website with your picture, demos, bio and contact information, and stop directing clients to places where they may find and hire someone else.

If you’re going to tell me it’s easier or convenient to just use one of your Pay 2 Play profiles here’s what I’ll tell you in return:

Stop making excuses. Start making an effort.


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Don’t Make This Voice Over Demo Posting Mistake

I have voice over demos posted everywhere. On my web site. On Pay 2 Play sites like Voice123, Voices, bodalgo and The Voice Realm. I have my demos posted on my Facebook page, my Tumblr blog and my LinkedIn Profile. I’ve got them on SoundCloud and Pintrest too.

Basically, if I can find a place to post my demos, I will.

Today I want to take specifically about posting your demos on your personal web site. Continue reading Don’t Make This Voice Over Demo Posting Mistake

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Uncovering Voice Acting Jobs

* This post is an excerpt from the new book Voice Acting For Dummies written by Stephanie and David Ciccarelli. Whether you’re brand new or a veteran, I promise you’ll learn a lot! *

No matter whether you’ve been in the voice acting business for a while or are just starting out, if you don’t know where to find the work, then you’re going to be unemployed for quite a while. Even if you know where to find the work, but don’t know what kind of work you want to do, then you’ll also be in trouble. Voice acting has so many different criteria that factor into it, including the vocal requirements, creative direction, and more that if you aren’t sure, you may have a difficult time growing your business as a voice actor. Becoming knowledgeable and being selective can serve you well as you navigate through the thousands of opportunities that may come your way. Continue reading Uncovering Voice Acting Jobs