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The Golden Rule Of Auditioning For Voice Work

Be You Not Them - The Golden Rule Of Auditioning For Voice WorkAs you submit your voice-over auditions today, whether it be in person or online, I want you to remember one simple rule. It’s not a surefire strategy to guarantee you book every job, but I really do think it will help.

You are the only you auditioning today, so be you!

That’s it. My best advice for auditioning. Celebrate your uniqueness. Be confident. Be the best you that you can be because nobody else can come close.

It’s easy to want to sound like that recognized voice talent or that sought after celebrity. Avoid the temptation. Sound like you. Read like you.

Clients have a voice inside their head when they’re putting together a project. They know exactly what they want that voice to sound like and the moment they hear it, they’ll book it. It doesn’t matter if they listen to 10 auditions or 100 auditions.

Today your voice might be the exact one they’re looking for!

Let me know how it goes. Tell me what job you booked today because nobody else could deliver like you could.