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The Importance of Having A Great Team

One of the themes that kept coming up over the weekend at VO Atlanta was that of team.

It’s something, as voice actors, we may not naturally think about, on account of our work can be so isolating by it’s very nature. However, it’s important for us to have a solid team around us. It’s definitely something I’ve personally been giving a lot more thought to.

In order for us to focus on the work that’s most important to us and most suited to our skill set – recording – we need to have a team that can help us in other areas.

The Importance of Having a Great Team

For example, today I referred a commercial inquiry to my agent, Tanya Buchanan of Ta-Da! Voiceworks. Trying to establish proper rates, usage and terms for broadcast is too complex and confusing for me. I’m so grateful to have someone I hand that sort of thing over to. Someone who will do a MUCH better job with it than I ever could on my own!

Why wouldn’t I rely on them?

My accountant is amazing! Who knows how much more tax I’d be paying unnecessarily if I didn’t have him to turn to for expertise on business, expenses, etc. He’s offered countless nuggets over the years to help me better take care of the financial aspects of my business. This is an area I definitely can use all the help I can get. I’m so grateful for him.

Last year, when I got into a legal concern over the misuse of one of my projects, I turned to a Robert Sciglimpaglia who guided me through the entire process and brought about a satisfactory resolution. Rob has been there to answer other questions along the way, including a recent copyright situation I found myself in.

Without Uncle Roy on my team, I wouldn’t have a WoVO Approved Studio. I also wouldn’t have nearly as efficient of a workflow in Adobe Audition.

Then I think about coaches, mentors, producers and even software I use… because… yes… I have some software solutions that I see as an extension of my team.

The business side of your #voiceover career will be as strong as the team you surround yourself with.
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Are You Building a Strong Team?

Since coming home from Atlanta, I’ve been thinking even more about what other areas of my business I could or should be outsourcing so I can devote even more time to my areas of strength.

  • J Michael Collins spoke at length about outsourcing editing work.
  • Countless talent spoke to the importance of relying on your agents for negotiation, terms, usage, buyouts, etc…
  • So many people spoke about how Uncle Roy, George Whittam or Dan Lenard had helped them with their studios.
  • Graphic design and branding.
  • Web development and maintenance.
  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing

There are so many different areas we could rely on the help of others to help us. One takeaway from the weekend for me was to stop thinking that I can’t afford the help, and rather accept that I can’t afford to NOT have the help.

A team of one can only advance so far!

The business side of your voice over career will be as strong as the team you surround yourself. I’m seriously evaluating where and how I can start to expand mine.

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