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The Right Way to Stay Top Of Mind

One of the marketing lessons I teach is the importance of keeping yourself top of mind. This is something that’s done more easily now than ever before thanks to social media. We have the ability, on any given day, to engage with our voice over leads, prospects and clients through any number of platforms and networks.

And we can do it without selling a thing!

That, by the way, is extremely important. Keeping yourself top of mind DOES NOT mean constantly trying to solicit voice over work.


Why You Need To Stay Top of Mind

Last week I received an email from a coaching student, voice over colleague and friend who had recently launched a new website to go along with her new demo. She asked if I’d mind checking it out for her and providing any feedback I have may have.

Last week I was neck deep in some major home renovation projects, as well as a huge eLearning voice over project. At the time her email came in, I didn’t have an opportunity to check out her website.

A day or two later, I posted something on Twitter and this person responded to my tweet. Immediately I thought to myself, “I need to check out her website still.”

A day after that she left a comment on a Facebook status I shared. Again, I had the exact same reaction, “I need to check out her website still!”

A couple days later, she replied to another tweet and we had a bit of back and forth dialogue. All the while, I was thinking, “I need to check out her website.”

“Staying top of mind DOES NOT mean constantly reaching out to solicit #voiceover work.”
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The Right Way to Stay Top Of Mind

The key in all of this is, outside of her initial request, not once did she ask me to check out her website again. Not once did she remind me I hadn’t done it. Not once did she question when I’d be able to get it done. In fact, I’d venture to guess that her social media engagement wasn’t even as much about her request as it was just her being her.

Nevertheless, each time she popped up in my notifications, it reminded me of what I had to do.

After a couple days, when things had settled down around here, I checked out her website and provided her with some feedback.

That’s how it’s done, friends. That’s how easily, simply and professionally it’s done!

Marketing is about building relationships. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it a thousand more. It’s about connecting with people. Taking interest in people. Do all of these things and you’ll keep yourself top of mind with people. Stay top of mind with people (without being annoying) and opportunity will come!

Who do you need to engage with today?

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