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The Truth About What’s Good For You

Here’s the thing about my treadmill. I hate it. Literally. More than any other device or “thing” in my apartment, I just really hate my treadmill a lot.

Some days, I roll over in the morning in the bed and see my treadmill. The sun peaking through the blinds, casting a glow on my treadmill. It annoys me. I roll over and go back to sleep. Or try.

My treadmill. Ugh.

Doing What I Hate

hate-the-treadmillAt least three days a week there is a one hour time block on my calendar. “Treadmill.”

I dread those time blocks more than any other.

Why in the world would I want to get on my treadmill when I can be laying on the couch watching TV? Or sitting in my recliner reading a good book? Or recording a voice over for a client?

My treadmill can’t bring me the joy the aforementioned activities can.

Nor is it as comfortable!

Yet, for reasons I’m not fully able to explain on account of they seem to defy conventional logic, each time the alarm goes off on my calendar for “Treadmill,” I drag my protesting butt to my treadmill.

And I run.

Why I Actually Love It

Here’s the thing about my treadmill. I love it. Literally. Perhaps more than any other device or “thing” in my apartment. I just really love my treadmill a lot.


As much as I hate my treadmill, as much as I protest running on my treadmill, as much as I’d rather give that time to my couch, something happens every time I get on my treadmill.

I start to feel good.

By the time my run is complete, I feel awesome.

Fresh. Energized. Renewed.

Finishing a run always makes me feel awesome. Really awesome.

What About Your Voice Over Business Do You Hate?

head-in-the-sandWhat is it about your voice over business that you really hate?

Is it auditioning?

Cold calling? (or emailing)

Updating your website?

Invoicing and accounting?

What are the things you dread? The things you procrastinate on? The things you protest?

What If You Loved It Instead?

What about when that audition leads to the job? Still hate it?

What about when that cold call leads to a new client? Still hate it?

What about when that website update generates a new lead? Still hate it?

What about when catching up on the books puts money in the bank? Still hate it?

We’ve all got those aspects of the business that we don’t enjoy. The thing is, like my treadmill, as much as I may hate it, I love it too, because I know something good will happen when I get my butt on it and run. (apologies for the visual)

Therein lies the lesson.

Stop looking at the trouble. Problem. Pain. Look beyond it. To the solution. The result. The gain!

That’s where the love is.

For Comment: What do you hate and love at the same time?