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The Voice Realm Speaks About QUICKcast Part 2

QUICKcast The Voice RealmLast week I conducted an interview with Kurt Myers of The Voice Realm regarding their new QUICKcast feature.

Their new feature has certainly created a level of controversy within the industry, as many voice actors were less than impressed with the rate structure.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, please check out the interview here – The Voice Realm Speaks On Their New QUICKcast Feature

After the interview was published, a number of talent reached out with further questions. They contacted me directly, left comments on my blog and communicated with staff from The Voice Realm. The following is a response I received from Kurt Myers addressing some of those comments.

Follow Up

the voice realmKurt Myers: We understand at first the $55 rate can be seen as dropping to the lowest of low. However the majority of voice talent on all voice over sites where auditions take place audition anywhere from 15-30 times to land one job. This is from information I’ve been told over the past few years from at least 50 voice talent that I’ve spoken to about these voice over sites.

Take this example. Let’s say a voice talent auditions 20 times to land a $200 job. That’s $10 per audition when you break down time spent recording.

QUICKcast has no audition. You get the script and record.

So unless a voice talent gets every single job with each audition they do, then I think QUICKcast isn’t as bad as it first appears.

The whole site is not going this way. It is one tiny fraction of our bookings in the past week.

The average booking in the past week at The Voice Realm was $412. From what we know on other sites publicly released data theirs is around $250.

We have had 5 QUICKcast bookings at an average of $85 per booking. Remember $55 is the lowest QUICKcast rate, we promote add-ons to increase the rate during the booking process. Of those 5 bookings only 1 was $55. So within the first week of the feature being public we’ve actually seen the average price for a booking increase. The prior week was an average of $386.

To further clarify how the site brings in jobs to professional voice talent, the majority of bookings at The Voice Realm are made through Private Auditions. The clients comes to the site, auditions a voice, then hires them.

I hope that clears some of the misconceptions up.

Kurt Myers
Business Development Manager
The Voice Realm

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, please visit to speak with their customer service department.

QUESTION: Are you a member of The Voice Realm? What do you think of QUICKcast?

* I am not an employee of The Voice Realm. This blog post is shared for informational purposes. *