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The Waiting Game

The conversation went something like this…

“Ok. I sent it. Now we’ll just wait to see what happens.”

“Fingers and toes crossed.”

“I just need to relax!”

“Good plan! It’s in God’s hands now. You did your part.”

“Yes but I’m so stressed there isn’t enough herbal tea to fix me.”

Can you guess what the conversation was about?

If you guessed a big audition for a prospective client, you guessed correctly.

We’ve all been there.

The Waiting Game

There’s something about what we do that is unlike so many other jobs a person could choose to do. Our job, day in and day out, comes with an elevated level, sense and desire of and for approval.

If our efforts are approved, we get the gig.

If our efforts aren’t approved, we don’t get the gig.

To be sure, not getting the gig doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t good enough. Or our effort wasn’t worthy. It’s just the nature of the business. Only one voice will get the gig, every time.

We just want to be that voice.


Sometimes, waiting to find out if we are that voice. If we received the clients approval. Well, it’s stressful. As much as we don’t want it to be. As much as we try to pretend it isn’t.

As seasoned a veteran as we may be. We’ve all got those jobs where the watching the sands drip through the hourglass are about enough to push us to the end of our tolerance.

Do You Have Passion?

That’s passion.

That’s a good thing.

Passion makes us try harder. Passion makes us better.

When we stop caring at all whether or not we got the gig, in my opinion, that’s when we need to start to worry a little.