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Thinking Without Acting

It occurred to recently, shortly after someone pointed it out to me, that I seem to tweet a lot in the middle of the night about thinking, when I should be sleeping.

It’s true.

I definitely tend to do a lot of thinking when I should be sleeping. Tweeting too.

Not on purpose, necessarily. It seems to just work out this way. I’d assume it has something to do with the fact that, at night, when my head hits the pillow, it’s the only time during the day when my brain is quiet enough to think.

If that makes sense.

take-the-first-stepI keep my iPad and iPhone next to me. Both equipped with Evernote. My Evernote app is filled with ideas. Hundreds of ideas. Most of them, thoughts I’ve thought at night. When I should be sleeping.

Here’s the thing about all those thoughts. Those ideas. Those brainstorms. They won’t amount to anything of value if they never make it beyond a few lines jotted down in Evernote at 3am.

Somewhere along the way those thoughts need to be expanded.

An implementation plan needs to be mapped out.

Thoughts need to become action.

If you want to succeed, you’ve got to act. Click to Tweet

Let me ask you, what great ideas for your voice over business have you got floating around in your brain or written down in your notepad? How long have they been there? How much longer will they remain there?

Maybe it’s time to turn thought in action.

And action, into success.

Here’s your challenge today. Take one of your ideas and make the first step. Then see what happens next.