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Today’s Top Posts – June 15

Twitter FollowersHere are my favourite finds today with credit to the folks who shared them on Twitter.

4 Reasons No One Follows You
Shared by Ted Coine @TedCoine

Twitter can be a really powerful marketing and networking tool. It can be an incredible resource for information. It’s also a fun place to hang out and meet people. Do you struggle to build your network? This post might help you understand why.

What Is A Customer
Shared by Lisa Rice @LisaRiceVoice

Every voice talent, and everyone in business for that matter, should print this off and hang it on the fridge or in the studio or over your desk. Lisa even offers a PDF for you to do just that! Excellent post.

7 Simple Rules For How To Take A Nap
Shared by Edward Barker @nackman42

I have a motto I like to try and live by. It goes a little something like this… “Any time is a good time for nap time.” With that in mind, I’m sure you’ll understand why I appreciated this post.

iPhone 5 Commercial
Shared by Evie Charles @MsMevie

Wouldn’t this be amazing???