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Today’s Top Posts – June 8

Today's Top 5Here are some of my favourite blogs from today with credit to the people who shared them on Twitter.

10 Essential Ingredients For A Successful Blog
Shared by GWP Staff @GWPStaff

If you blog, which I do, then I assume you want it to be successful, which I do. Some very simple, practical steps in this post to help you make that happen.

7 Reasons You Aren’t Feeling Creative And How To Fix It
Shared by Ilya Pozin @ilyaneversleeps

Infographics seem to be a new popular trend. Nearly everybody is making them. Most of the time I just pass them over without a second glance. But not this one. This one I’m printing and hanging up in my office!

Never Run Out Of Blog Topic Ideas: Here Are 36
Shared by Mary-Lynn Foster @MaryLynn3

I’ve had a couple links like these in my Top Posts recently. Take some time to read this and be inspired. The more I read about blogging, and particularly about creating quality content, the easier it becomes for me to do so.

The New Google Search: Six Changes That Rocked the SEO World
Shared by Conner Carson Heim @CCHeimVoiceOver

If you read a hundred articles on SEO you’ll find a few similarities and then a hundred other seemingly unconnected suggestions. I find the world of SEO to be mostly confusing, while unavoidably necessary. I want to write a blog with great content. Simple. But not exclusively, if you want people to actually find it. This post is really helpful.

And finally, a Friday Funny
Shared by Rebecca Chapman @RebeccaC86

Duct Tape