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Voice Messages: Do You Have A Story To Tell?

I received an email earlier this week from Marty. He’s a filmmaker and his current project is all about voices. Marty was looking for my help for a particular part of the film. He wondered if I had a story I could share, or, if I knew someone that might. Specifically, he was looking for a story, or stories, of voice loss.

Given that I use my voice for a living, and this blog is read by hundreds of people who also use their voice for a living, I thought I might be able to help Marty out!

With that in mind, I asked him if he’d write a guest post for the blog. A chance to tell us all a little bit more about himself and his project and what kind of stories he’s looking for. So in his own words, I turn the blog over to Martin Zied

Voice Messages by Martin Zied

the human voiceI’m a six time Emmy Award winning producer/director and I’m making a film about the wonders, myriad uses and often underappreciated powers of the human voice.  Working title is “Voice Messages.

“Voice Messages” includes fascinating and entertaining performances and interviews with Grammy Award winning singers, sound effects actors, soloists and harmonizers, experts, sociologists and surgeons.

Looking for compelling personal stories of voice loss, finding one’s voice, discovering how much of our identity is tied to our voices and any other dramatic voice stories.

Planning to complete filming by the end of 2013.  Willing to travel.  Planning for release in movie theaters in spring 2014.

Please send your story or ideas to Marty Zied at

QUESTION: Have you got a voice story to share?