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Voice Over Rate Resources

All you have to do is mention the word, “rates” in a group of voice actors, whether it be in person or an online forum, and you can pretty much stand back and watch the fireworks. No other topic, at least that I’m aware of, can generate spirited debate like the subject of rates.

With that in mind, people often ask me about my rates and what kind of rates they should charge. Fortunately, there are some really great resources online that you can turn to for a little help and guidance.

Voice Over Rates Resources

Edge Studio – Sign up for a free account with Edge Studio (worth it for other reasons as well) and you’ll gain access to their full rate card. I’ve use this one a lot myself.

Producer’s Handy Dandy – This is an extremely in-depth rate card for union rates. Lots of information to process.

Voice Over Resource Guide – Another break down of union rates. Even if you’re not union, this is a really great starting point for quoting out your next project.

As a bonus, check out The Voice Over Rate Card: Edge Studio’s Guide To Fees. It’s an article written by David Golberg of Edge Studio. It offers a lot of great tips to consider when setting rates and quoting projects.