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World-Voices created to be a talent directory… and that’s exactly what is is. A talent directory… just like they said.

Just like they’ve repeated.


It seems like every time Voices dot com does something disruptive, the cries go up, once again, for World-Voices to turn into the solution and savior we’re all looking for.

It’s still a talent directory.

Just like they said it would be. Isn’t The Solution You’re Looking For

Online casting isn’t going away. This is something we’re all too well aware of. However, if online casting is going to remain fair and lucrative for serious voice actors, admittedly, we may need an alternative to Voices dot com. is not it.

A searchable database of professional talent has a place and purpose. But it’s only going to take us so far.

The reality is, most people seeking a voice want the quick and easy fix.

Like it or not, Voices dot com offers that. Post your project. Collect auditions. Hire. The end. Heck, if you want, for the low low fee of 40-80% of your budget (unbeknownst to you, of course) Voices dot com will even handle the entire deal for you! doesn’t do that.

Nor, do I suspect, will it ever.

Unless someone is planning to infuse tens of millions of dollars in the bank account.

Remember, Voices dot com didn’t become the juggernaut they are, for free! There are, quite literally, tens of millions of dollars on the books to build the infrastructure and help them operate and grow daily.

At the end of the day, the success of your business falls on you and how you choose run it.
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There are a couple bigger issues at play, as I see it.

1) People misunderstand the purpose of World-Voices. While the organization will act as an advocate for the industry as a whole, it is not in their mandate, as I understand it, to help you or me find and book voice over work.

2) was not created to replace casting sites as your source of voice over work.

3) A talent directory is meant to provide a searchable database for voice seekers looking for professional talent. It’s not meant to be a casting site for you to find voice over work.

4) Stop expecting other people, sites, organizations, companies and sources to find voice over work for you. Including World-Voices and

5) Voices dot com, or any other casting site, should NEVER be your primary source for income in the first place, and if it is, let this wake up call be the gentle nudge you need to take back control of your business, do your OWN marketing, find your OWN work and build your OWN client base.

How Are You Running Your Business?

I’ve built a six-figure voice over income with my own blood, sweat and tears. I’ve not relied on casting sites, VoiceBank, agents, or anyone else to find those opportunties and convert them. I do my own legwork daily.

My business is MY business.

This is why these “disruptions” have had little to no impact (thus far) on me or my business and why (to this point) I’m not sweating them too much or freaking out.

Can there be tools and resources to help us? Sure there can! Resources like being listed in a free talent directly such as can be one of them. Heck, even casting sites can be one of them.

Just remember, each of them are SINGLE tools in your toolbox.

At the end of the day, the success (or lack thereof) of your business falls on you and how you choose run it.

If you choose to give away control to outside entities (like casting sites, VoiceBank, etc…) then you’re allowing your business to be run by their rules, and you can’t act surprised, hurt or p’oed when the rules change and you take the hit.

Not if you let it happen.

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