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Voiceover Rates

Voiceover Rates - Marc Scott - Male Voice TalentWhen I developed my web site for my voiceover business a hundred years ago I did a lot of research first. I Googled “Male Voice Talent”, “Voiceover”, “Professional Voiceover” and about a dozen other search strings. Then I started surfing. I spent time going through every single site that came up in the first couple pages of results.

I listened to demos. I read bios. I reviewed FAQ’s. I took notes about all I read. I made a plan. Then I built my site. But there was one thing missing.


One of the most common questions I get asked is, “why aren’t your rates posted on your site?”

It’s a fair question. I want transparency with my clients. But rates for professional voiceover are complex. There is no “one size fits all” rate package.

Is your project for broadcast? What size is the market? Will it be on your corporate web site? Is it for an internal company video? Is it your personal voicemail? Or is it your company voicemail? How many pages is the script?

All of these questions are factors in determining fair market value for your voiceover.

Fair market value. That’s a key term. If you spend enough time online you’ll see that you can take the same script and find one talent that will do it for $5 and another talent that will want $500. Such is the nature of any business. Some people price themselves above the market. Others drastically undercut the market to try and drum up business.

I’ll be fair.

If you’ve got a script you want a quote for, send it to me. Tell me what you’re using it for and I’ll give you a price based on fair market value.

There’s no obligation. No expectation. I’ll give you an honest answer. I’ll talk it through with you if you’d like. If you accept it, great. We’ll work together. If not, no hard feelings. Maybe we’ll come to terms next time around.

Get your quote.