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Website Restoration

Have you ever watched the show American Restoration on History? What a great show! Taking relics of the past and bringing them back to life.

My grandpa had a farm. On his farm he had a cow. E-I-E-I-O. Ok, that’s actually not what I was going to say, but I couldn’t help myself!

rick-dale-american-restorationBack to my grandpa and his farm. He had stuff. I mean, tons and tons and tons of stuff. Stuff he paid a nickel for at yard sales. Stuff he paid a dollar for at auctions sales. Old, rusty stuff. Most of which I had no clue what it was. Some of which he had no clue what it was.

Rick Dale and his crew could restore any of it!

Website Restoration

A couple years ago everyone was making promo videos. Some of them were animated. Some of them screencasts. Some of them little more than power point presentations. Bottom line, everyone was making promo videos. I had a bunch on my web site for demo purposes.

Fast forward to 2013. Now everyone is making animated explainer videos or whiteboard videos. In essence, they’re the same thing as those old promo videos. The only major difference is the name.

A Little SEO

seoI’m not an expert on SEO. At all. In fact, the more I think about SEO the more confused I get. The more I try to understand it and work to achieve it, the more I’m convinced my site disappears into the farthest reaches of ¬†cyberspace!

There’s one thing I do know, however. People aren’t Google searching promo video voice over anymore. Instead, they’re Google searching explainer video voice over.

Armed with that knowledge, I spent this weekend performing a major website restoration. Taking all my old and dated posts of my promo video work, and updating them to shiny new posts promoting my explainer video work!

Time For A Restoration?

When’s the last time you looked back through the old pages on your site? When’s the last time you performed a restoration project and gave life to old and forgotten pages that haven’t seen the light of day in years?

Simple keyword changes, link updates or tweaks to the content could be all your need to make them relevant, and, most importantly, search friendly again!

QUESTION: Do you let old pages die? Or do you restore them from time to time?