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What Day Is It?

Marc Scott Professional Male Voice TalentI had a late night last night working on the new site. I was pretty tired by the time I decided to go to bed, so I planned on sleeping in a bit this morning. That plan, as it usually is, was altered by my fire pager. It went off this morning and woke me from both a great dream, and a deep sleep.

As I was throwing on my clothes and shoes, grabbing my wallet and keys and running to the hall I was mostly incoherent. I wasn’t sure what was going on other than I needed to get to the fire hall. I was only certain of one thing.

It was Sunday.

As I stood at the trucking waiting for other guys to show up, I was 100% certain it was Sunday. I don’t know why I thought this, I just know I did and with the utmost confidence. Eventually, while on route to the scene as I started to wake up a little (likely from the noise of the sirens and air horn) I realized that no, in fact, it is not Sunday at all. Actually it’s Tuesday.

Tuesday is a great day to be in the office recording a voiceover. Do you need one? I’m back home, I’m available, and the fog has cleared. I know who I am, where I am, and what I’m doing. I’m waiting to chat with you about your project!