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What I Learned About Voice Over By Flushing $500

We are all well intentioned in our efforts to grow our business. Well, most of us are.

But what are intentions really good for, anyway? Truthfully? Not much.

That’s what I learned the hard way last week.

Flushing $500

flushing-money-down-the-toiletI’ve been taking various online courses for years now. Some for personal improvement. Some to benefit my business. Some to activate dreams and goals I have for my future.

I’m one of those guys that always likes to be learning something.

In August I registered for my latest course. Landlord and Tenant Law. Exciting stuff eh? One day I plan to own rental properties, so I figured it would be a good course for me to take. It made my brain hurt a lot. But, still, it’s just part of taking that dream and doing something small and practical in the present to eventually turn it into a reality.

Last week… several weeks into the course, I had to withdraw.

With tuition and books, that was $500 flushed right down the toilet.

An Expensive Lesson Learned

The reason I had to withdraw is because I missed two exams. I missed them, because I failed to properly manage my time.

With all of the tools and technology and apps that are available to a guy like me in this day in age, there is no good excuse for failing to properly manage my time.

I blew it. Plain and simple.

All I needed to do was drop a couple events into my Calendar and the outcome could have been very different. I’d still be in the course. I’d have not only written the exams, but likely aced them.

How Does This Relate To Voice Over

51P4iEGndCL._SL500_AA280_I started this post with a statement, “We are all well intentioned in our efforts to grow our business.”

How many of these statements can apply to you. Last week I meant to:

  • Do some marketing.
  • Write a blog.
  • Cut a new demo.
  • Contact an old client.
  • Catch up on my books.
  • Expand my social network.
  • Update my web site.
  • Contact an agent.

And the list goes on… and on… and on…

I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of most of those things. And the times that I’m guilty of those things are the times I fail to get intentional about putting them on my schedule.

Create Time Blocks

calendarIf I had created time blocks in my calendar for homework, studying, and even for my exams (as I’ve done in every previous course I’ve ever taken) I wouldn’t have had to withdraw from my Landlord and Tenant Law course. I wouldn’t have flushed $500 down the toilet!

When I schedule blocks of time for activities related to my business, I get things done. Always.

When I fail to schedule time, I’m left scratching my head at the end of the week wondering why I didn’t get certain things done.

Every computer, tablet and phone has a calendar app and a reminder app.

Use them!

Whatever you need to do, whether it’s marketing, demos, auditions, web updates or anything else, start each week by spending some time setting up your calendar. Schedule time blocks, set reminders and alerts and stick to them.

Get things done!

Turn your intentions in action and your action into success.