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What Is Your Value?

Voice Actors undercutting each other.

Voice Actors underbidding budgets.

Somewhere along the line this became a standard practice. A common practice. Blame can be spread equally among the talent who do it and the clients who encourage it.

Nothing I can say or do is going to stop it, of course. All the best voice actors I know have chimed in with their opinions over the years. None of them have been able to stop it either.

I do want to ask you a question, though…

What is your value?

Think about it.

What is your value?

Do you value your work and time at $5 an hour? $10? $50? Do you value your work at $100 an hour?

Do you value yourself and your skill at the bottom of the barrel? Or are you the cream that rises to top?

When a client comes to you looking for a voice over, do you value yourself as a skilled, professional talent? Or as a desperate, amateur who’s willing to work for next to nothing?

What is your value?

You absolutely need to answer this question before you can ever achieve any level of success in your career.

As you take some time to ponder your value, let me share this final tidbit.

A client will only value you to the level you value yourself. Tweet This

Think about it.