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What Kind Of Entrepreneur Are You?

When I was downsized from my corporate radio job back in 2012, for the first month or two everyone in my circle was very supportive.

They knew how much I loved my job, and how much it hurt to be laid off for the first time in my broadcasting career. They also knew how hard it was going to be for me to find another radio job without having to relocate.

Get A Job!

I’m guessing it was sometime around the second or third month when the support changed to, “ok, Marc… when are you going to get a job?”

Thing is, I wasn’t even looking. I had turned down a number of offers and opportunities. In my heart I knew my radio days were done. I hadn’t quite figured out how to tell my family that yet, though.

I wanted to take my voice over business, which had basically been a side gig for spending money for 17 or so years, and turn it into a full-time career.

When I revealed this to my family, “when are going to get job?”, turned into, “when are you going to get a REAL job?”

I’m An Entrepreneur

entrepreneurshipDeep down I knew there was an entrepreneur inside of me waiting to escape. I’d know it since I was a kid. Convincing my family and friends it was a good idea, well… that was a whole different challenge.

Anne Ganguzza recently shared a post on Facebook. A quiz about entrepreneurship.

In two minutes, answering maybe a dozen questions, some crazy algorithm or program or software or combination of all the above had me pegged. Absolutely and utterly pegged!

Freedom Seeker

The results were so frighteningly accurate I kind of want to print them, frame them, and hang them up i my office. I also want to have copies made and forwarded to all my friends and family who love me, but in 2012, didn’t understand me at all.

I think if they read it, suddenly I’d make sense to them.

So, what kind of entrepreneur are you? If you’re a self-employed voice talent, then at least on some level, you’re definitely an entrepreneur!

Click here to take the quiz. Share your results in the comments below.

I’m a Freedom Seeker.

Those who know me best won’t be surprised by that at all!


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