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What’s Your Motivation

Let’s be really honest with each other for a moment. Paying bills… it’s not fun. Necessary. But not fun. It’s one of those unavoidable responsibilities that comes with being a grown up. But it’s not fun. Or particularly motivating.

I’m guessing your passion for sending a cheque to the hydro company each month isn’t what springs you out of bed each morning and into your studio. So that presents a question…

What’s Your Motivation

imacI like to pay my bills. It’s important to me that I pay my bills. But paying my bills isn’t what drives me.

What drives me is the fun stuff. Like an adventure. Or a new toy. Like this toy pictured on the right. A new iMac. My new iMac. Well… it’s not mine yet. But it will be soon.

When I don’t feel like auditioning, I look at a picture of my new iMac. When I don’t feel like sending that prospecting email, I look at a picture of my new iMac. When I don’t feel like sending out that demo, I look at a picture of my new iMac.

It drives me. Because, let’s be honest, a new iMac is way more fun than a hydro bill! My new iMac is my motivation!

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Find Your Motivation

We all need something fun to drive us. It could be something as simple as an hour massage or a new video game to something big like a new car or a family vacation.

All that matters is you’ve got something fun that motivates you. That kicks you in the butt when you start feeling lazy. Something you’re saving for that drives you to keep plugging away and booking voice over work!

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