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When Is Enough Enough… Or Too Much???

A few days ago I had a chat with a voice actor looking for some advice on marketing. They were referred to me by another voice talent I’ve coached, and I was happy to spend a little time answering a few of their questions.

As the conversation went on, the talent embarrassingly stated I was the fourth coach they had received marketing advice from.

The fourth. As in, FOUR!

Since my approach isn’t to tell people what they want to hear, but rather confront them with things perhaps they don’t want to hear, I asked point blank, “with all the advice and information you’ve received, how much implementation has taken place?”


“So you’ve worked with all these coaches, spent money on all these programs, learned all these techniques for marketing, and you’re reaching out to be because you’re still not booking work and you don’t know why?”

“Yes. Why? I’ve worked with so many great coaches!”

“Ok, but… again… implementation?”

“Well, I’m a little overwhelmed and not really sure where to start.”


Are You Coaching Too Much?

There comes a point when a child must leave home and figure things out on their own.

There comes a point when a voice actor must stop coaching and start doing!

The thing about coaching that I feel many talent misunderstand is, you can’t just coach with these people and succeed. Success doesn’t come through osmosis or something.

You’ve actually got to take what they tell you and do something with it!

Too many people don’t put it to use.

There comes a point when a voice actor must stop coaching and start doing!
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Marketing isn’t nearly as mysterious as you think.

Not nearly as complicated as you’ve imagined.

Not remotely as hard you’ve convinced yourself.

The secret to marketing starts with two words… “DO IT!”

Too many people are learning it but not doing it!

Send five emails, five tweets or five LinkedIn requests today. Just five. You’ll already have accomplished more in the hour it takes than in the weeks or months you’ve sat around armed with information without implementation!

Remember… the best marketing advice is simply this… DO IT!