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Which Voice Over Lens Are You Looking Through?

When I was a kid I went though a science phase. Why? I have no idea. Truth is, there’s not a scientific bone in my body. The only course I ever failed in school… science! Nevertheless, for some reason, I went through a science phase. To that end, one Christmas I only wanted two gifts. A microscope and a telescope.

I got them both.

A Microscope View

microscopeWith my microscope I could look really, really closely at the one thing that was right directly in front of me. I could zoom it in and examine every last detail. I couldn’t see what was around it. I couldn’t see what was beyond it. I could only see whatever that one thing was on my slide.

A Telescope View

My telescope offered an entirely different perspective. A big picture perspective. Oh sure, I could pick a star and try to focus on it, but I’d see all the others around it as well. I could see far and beyond. A wide angle view.

Pick A Lens

Auditioning on a voice over casting site can become an almost robotic practice. Particularly if you’re submitting multiple auditions a day. It’s so easy to crank out a quick read, drop in your template proposal, click submit and move onto the next one.

That’s what I would call the microscope view of voice over auditions.

On the other hand, what if you took the time to really read over the directions provided by the voice seeker? What if you took a little time to find out who they were? To research their background? Maybe listen to some past projects they’ve posted on their web site or YouTube channel. What if you were able to get a bigger picture view of the seeker and their needs?

That’s what I would call the telescope view of voice over auditions!

See The Big Picture

telescopeA lot of jobs you’ll audition for on a casting site are quick one offs. But not all jobs and not all clients are created equal. Do you know how to spot the difference? And will you be prepared if you do?

Thanks to one particular casting site and some big picture telescope views, I’ve been able to see beyond single job postings and single auditions to have the opportunity to develop some great long term relationships with some very big clients!

  • PetSmart
  • Verizon
  • Roland
  • Nikon

…not all jobs and not all clients are created equal.

Taking a few extra minutes to dig into each audition and think beyond the single script that’s right in front of you could mean the difference between booking one job and booking a dozen! Between a one off client and long term relationship!

QUESTION: What lens are you looking through?