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Why I Blog

I’ve read and heard some interesting opinions on the subject of blogging in the last week or so. It seems that in some circles, not exclusive to voice over, the value of blogging has been called into question.

  • bloggingSome say it’s a waste of time.
  • Some say it’s ineffective and offers little value.
  • Some say it can actually hurt your SEO.
  • Some question it’s validity as a marketing tool.

The list goes on and on.

On the subject, admittedly, I am not an expert. But I do have my reasons for writing three times a week.

Why I Blog

I’ve been very blessed in my voice over career. Not because I’ve been touched by a magic wand. Rather, because I’ve worked very hard, made enough good decisions to outweigh the bad ones, and because I’ve made mistakes. Lots of mistakes.

That’s why I write. To share that blessing.

  • If I can help another voice actor avoid a mistake that I made, I will.
  • If I can help another voice actor to achieve success in their business, I will.
  • If I can help another voice actor learn how to cross a goal off their list, I will.
  • If I can encourage even one voice actor a day to keep plugging away, I will.

For The Critics

hatersIs it good for my SEO? Do I look like an astrophysicist to you? Because I’m pretty sure you need to be one of those to actually understand SEO even in the slightest way.

Does it come with profound and far reaching marketing benefits? It’s hard to say, if I’m being honest. I’ve never really tried to measure that.

Is it worth the time for a couple or three hundred visitors a day? Again I say, if I can encourage even one voice actor a day, I’ll keep writing.

Is writing this blog effective and valuable? Does it create new voice over work for me? Not necessarily. But it feels good to be able to pass on the lessons I’ve learned and share advice, tips and tricks with others who might find the information useful.

So I Write

And I will keep writing. Blogging isn’t for everyone. Neither is mud wrestling, suicide chicken wings or the Jerry Springer show.

Find what works for you, and stick with it. If it makes you happy, who really cares what the “experts” think?

For Comment: Is there a subject you’d like me to write about that you’d find helpful?