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Why I Don’t Do Voice Over In My Pajamas

When you work from home, one of the perks is not having to get dressed in the morning. This little gift is not exclusive to voice over, obviously. Anyone with a home based business has more than likely enjoyed and celebrated the freedom of working in their PJ’s.

Maybe skipping a shower.

Did I ever mention how much I loathe shaving?

Who needs makeup anyway? It’s not like anyone will see you!

Yes, the benefits of working from home are grand, and I’ve exploited many of them.

In my early days of full-time voice over, I voiced many a project in my jammies. My boxers. My pants with rips. My shirts with holes. It’s not that I was trying to look homeless. It was more that I didn’t think it mattered. After so many years of getting up and looking presentable for radio, that pressure was off.

Putting on real clothes wasn’t a priority.

Until I realized it was affecting my work.

Why I Don’t Do Voice Over In My Pajamas

makeupWhat I began to discover was that by skipping some of that usual morning routine… the shower, the shave, the putting on actual clothes… I wasn’t taking myself as seriously. That in turn put me in a mindset that wasn’t taking my business as seriously.

“Nobody cares…” I would tell myself.

Tell yourself that enough times, and eventually, you may stop caring!

Read any book in business or entrepreneurship and you’re sure to learn that presenting a professional image is a big piece of the puzzle. It goes without saying that you’re not going to show up at an outside studio dressed in your comfy onesie PJ’s with a butt flap… so why should it be acceptable in your own studio?

That’s why I started enforcing a morning routine for myself.

Just like when I had a “real job.” (I say this in jest for all those who still do not understand what it is we do.)

So each morning I wake up and begin adulting. I shower and shave and comb my hair. I get dressed in clothes I’m willing to be seen in public in. I make my bed (my mom will never believe this) so that I’ve already accomplished one thing before my day even gets started.

Taking a little pride in my appearance has absolutely had an impact on the pride I take in my work.

Don’t believe me? Try it for a couple weeks and see if you feel any different. I promise you will!

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