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Why You Must Guard Your Thoughts

There’s so much negativity on social media right now, mostly related to politics. Regardless of your party affiliation, your political views, or where you stand on issues, before you engage in any of it, let me encourage you to ask yourself one question. “How does this serve me?”

It’s ok to be frustrated. It’s ok to disagree. Differing opinions are part of what freedom and democracy are about. But there comes a point where you have to let go. The ongoing negativity does nothing to enhance your life. Either personally or professionally.

In fact, it usually does the opposite. As the frustration builds, you’ll find yourself in a consistent negative state. That state will rear it’s ugly head every time you jump onto a social network. That’s going to get in the way of you doing what needs to be done. Whether you realize it or not.

This weekend, I began a mass unfollowing spree on Twitter. It’s the first time I’ve ever done it. But I just couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take seeing a stream filled with hate and anger and negativity. I need to guard my thoughts. Guard my attitude. It’s how I stay happy and productive.

This has nothing to do with ignorance being bliss. I’m well aware of the issues unfolding in our world today. This is about a choice to not let it consume me. This is about a choice to not allow the constant barrage of negativity to bring me down. I choose to love. To pray. To have hope. To protect my mind and thoughts.

You’d be well served to do the same. Remember, thoughts are things. Negative thoughts will become negative things. That’s why you need to guard yours.

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