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Why You Need A Landing Page

I am not a web expert, but I have definitely learned a few lessons over the years, as I’ve worked to turn my website into a tool for booking voice over work. Believe it or not, simply having a website is not enough.

Sending people your site seems like a great promotional tool until you realize how much effort it takes for users to find everything you want. For example..

  1. The arrive at your home page. Now what?
  2. They search for your navigation bar.
  3. They click onto your demo page.
  4. The like your demos. They want to know more.
  5. They search for your navigation bar.
  6. They click your About page. They like what they read.
  7. They search for your navigation bar.
  8. They click your contact page.

I realize this may be a bit on the extreme side, but it’s not unreasonable to think that a potential client researching you via your website is going to do all of these things.

Why You Need A Landing Page

hubspot landing page ebookWhen I share my website link on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or any other social network, I send people to a Landing Page. I do the same when I’m sending marketing emails. Depending on the client I’m targeting, I send them to the corresponding Landing Page.

The link / landing page I use for my Explainer Video work is

The link / landing page I use for my Real Estate work is

From these Landing Pages, everything they need to know about me and my services are right there.

  • A quick intro video.
  • A description of my services.
  • A few facts.
  • My demo.
  • A contact form.

Literally, it’s a one stop shop. No surfing for the info. No getting lost in my site. No giving up and leaving my site!

There are literally thousands of resources on the web for creating a great Landing Page, I’m not going to give you all the details here. Do a little research. 😉 (PS: Start with Hubspot, they’ve got a great eBook on the subject) The important thing is, you create one!

I can’t give you hard numbers… but I can say this. Since directing social media and email prospects to specific Landing Pages, I’ve generated exponentially more leads then when I was simply sending people to

Bottom line: They work! Make one. Or some.

FOR COMMENT: Got any great Landing Page tips?