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Why You Need to Pick a Path to Follow

Where are you going?

Do you have a clear path you’re following? Or are you just moving in whatever direction you end up?

Before I head out on my bike, I have a plan. I pick a trail. I follow it. I have a destination in mind. Whether I’m going for a quick 15k to clear my head, or a long 60k to see some sights; I always have a plan.

Your voice over business needs to be the same. You need to have a plan.

There are too many talents trying to be too many things to too many people, and wondering why they don’t seem to be making any progress.

Jack of All Trades

Jack of All Trades, Master of None. In this business, that shouldn’t be taken as a compliment.

For me, I’d rather be crushing a couple areas than trying to scrape by in six or eight or ten. I know my strengths. I play to them.

I’m staying in my lane. Are you?

Success is taking 20 steps in one direction rather than one step in 20 directions.

Sounds simple enough, right?

It really can be if you intentionally apply it to your decision making processes and goals.

  • It means NOT submitting for every audition on a casting site.
  • It means NOT making 18 different demos.
  • It means NOT trying to make 12 different social networks work for you.
  • It means NOT dividing your attention between four tasks at once.
  • It means NOT checking your phone and Facebook every 60 seconds.
  • It means NOT trying to master every genre of voice over.
  • It means NOT asking for a hundred different opinions on the same subject.
  • It means NOT working with 27 coaches.
If you’re struggling with success in #voiceover you may be going in too many directions.
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Pick ONE Path and Follow It

One of the reasons I reached six-figures in my voice over business is because I decided very early I was going to focus on just a couple areas of VO and do whatever it took to get really great at them. That meant that not only did I not market myself in the other genres, but I didn’t even pay attention to what was going on in them. I didn’t want my efforts divided. I didn’t want the distraction.

I made a decision very early on to take 20 steps in one direction, not one step in 20 directions.

What about you?

Have you ever put any effort into identifying your voice over sweet spot?

Have you ever consulted with a coach to get some guidance on what genres to pursue?

Have you ever considered your strengths, not just in performance, but in marketing as well?

Have you ever stopped to think about whether you’re walking 20 steps in one direction or one step in 20?

If you’re going to succeed in this business, you need to have a clear path and you need to be intentional about following it.

That’s how you’re going to get yourself where you want to be.