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Why You Need To Unplug

As a solopreneur, it’s hard for me to disconnect. With voice over clients in over a dozen time zones and countries around the world, I feel like I always need to be available.

There’s no 9a – 5p in this business. A business that knows no boundaries. Not those of brick and mortar walls. Not those of city limits. Not those of international borders.

Evening here is morning somewhere else. Sunday here is Monday somewhere else. Does anybody really take weekends off anymore? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it!


checking-iphoneMy iPhone is never more than 2ft from my person at any given time, 24/7. I don’t necessarily do it on purpose. Now it just sort of happens. I carry it with me everywhere I go. When I walk to the store to get milk. When I walk along the river for the specific purpose of getting out of the office. When I’m laying on the couch watching TV. When I’m on the treadmill. When I’m in the shower.

iPhoneitus – The disease of not being able to part from your iPhone.

Do you suffer? Show of hands. It’s ok to admit it. This is safe place.

Always Available

I’ve allowed myself to be available all the time. Perhaps that’s the volunteer firefighter in me? On call 24/7 for emergencies. Now I’m on call 24/7 for voice overs.

There’s rarely a time that I’m not checking emails, checking tweets, or reading books, blogs or articles that are related to voice over or business or can in some other way help me in my business.

When a client emails, I usually reply right away. Morning. Noon. Night. Monday through Monday.


sunset-on-the-beachThis weekend I was feeling a little bit stressed. I’ve got some stuff going on in my life. Stuff outside of voice over. Stuff that is requiring time, focus and attention. That can be hard when you’re always on call. Always checking your email. Always on your phone. It’s hard to have a life when you suffer from iPhoneitus!

That’s why I unplugged last night.

I turned off everything. My phone. My fire department pager. Heck, I even turned off the satellite radio in my truck.

I rolled down the windows, opened up the sunroof and went for a drive. Driving has always relaxed me. It’s always been my escape. I do my best thinking and my most honest praying when I’m driving.

So I drove.

And I wound up at the beach.

I walked along the beach for an hour. I sat down on a big rock, listened to the waves roll, let the breeze blow across my face, and I watched the sunset. For half an hour I sat and didn’t say a word. I just watched the sunset. It’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve done all summer.

When it was over, I got back in my truck and drove for a while.

All told, I was entirely unplugged for just under four hours, which may not seem like a big deal. But it really was. And it was probably my favourite four hours of my entire week.

Every so often you absolutely need to unplug. Your sanity, and in turn, your voice over business, will absolutely benefit!

QUESTION: Have you taken time to unplug lately?