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Word To Time Convertor

Word To Time Calculator - Marc Scott - Male Voice TalentDifferent Voice Talents quote different ways depending on certain projects. For narrations it’s usually one of two things.

a) Based on word count – rate per word

b) Based on time – rate per minute

I often get inquiries from potential clients who say, “I have a script I’d like you to read it’s maybe 3 minutes long.” When they send the script I quickly realize that it’s not 3 minutes. It’s closer to 10! I’m sure this has happened to you before.

It’s not easy to estimate.

If a client sends you a script and you need to get an accurate word count or if you need to know roughly how many minutes that script totals you’re going to love this resource –> Word To Time

This amazing calculator gives you a few options. You can enter a word count, if you have it. You can paste your entire script and get a word count. Or you can get an average based on words, lines or pages. It’s a brilliant tool that once you use you’ll love.

No more guess work!

You’ll be able to provide more accurate quotes and you’ll never caught on one of those “It’s just 2 minutes” but it turns out to 12 minute scripts ever again!

Got any other resources for Voice Talents you’d like to share? Post them in the comments below.