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You Are What You Share

“You are what you share.” That’s a quote from an entrepreneurship podcast I was listening to. A statement on the social media, always connected world we live in today.

What we share will help others form their perceptions and beliefs about us. So let me ask, how do you want people to see you? Is what you share reflecting that?

Not just what you retweet or post on Facebook.

Even beyond that.

How you share your gifts, skills and time.

You Are What You Share

How can you share?

  • Join a group on Facebook or LinkedIn. Contribute to the conversation.
  • Are you a World-Voices member? Check your profile to be a mentor.
  • Write a blog or make a video that shares from your experience.
  • Offer to speak at a meet up group.
  • Join or start a meet up group.

Here’s the thing. Whether you’ve been at this for 10 weeks, 10 months or 10 years, we’ve all got stories to tell and experiences to share. Things we can all learn from.

Share generously and it will be returned to you. Of this I’m confident.

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